Advance Street Game.

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“The streets will punish you for your misdeeds but it will reward and favor you for your boldness and audacity” _Satori Valencia.

This digital product will teach you important lessons about street game that will dramatically increase your results with women and improve your dating life.  Each video in this digital product contains advance insights on how to build comfort and attraction with strangers and mind-blowing infield footage. 




Picking Up A Porn Star Off The Streets (Video #1)

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  1. Marshall

    If a woman don’t sense “the sword 🗡 “ inside of you then how can she feel safe? There needs to be an edge about dudes not a softness to them. This hardness mixed with softness at the right time is what is seductive. I learn many great things in this product.

  2. Ryan

    Solid insight. This is the crux of good game — if you can’t grasp fundamentals such as this, all the knowledge of ‘value’ and other BS PUA jargon is meaningless.
    Women want to feel the ‘killer’ in their man. If they can’t sense at least a small amount of danger, instinctually, you’re sending off impotency vibes.

  3. Chainz

    Good job bro. keep doing that and keep on inspiring everyone who are just new to this game or to those whose been have great amount of success on women.

  4. Matt

    Women are attracted to men who give off vibes. A lot of the time women who have a type go for those men you mention because they usually display those behaviours of being strong, confident, cocky, dominant, bit of attitude….. Except those behaviours can be found in different doses in a lot of other attractive men. What is constant is that those behviours are universally attractive to women. And men tend to lose those when they settle down/get too comfortable. The product is great, it has Amazing Content.

  5. Marlon Crux

    Respect Satori, you living the life of a REAL PUA, i try my best but , u know , wish i could move to a bigger city

  6. nolan

    Satori Valencia you one of the realist dating coach I know and you not afraid to say shit

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